Census 2021: Multivariate Indicators added to Community Insight

Some Multivariate census data is now live in Community Insight. You can start using and analysing this data for all your stock groups.

For guidance on using Census 2021 data in Community Insight please see “How to explore Census 2021 data in Community Insight”.

Summary of published data

We have added nine multivariate Census 2021 indicators to Community Insight. Indicators for the following datasets can now be seen live in Community Insight:

  • Children providing unpaid care
  • Employment rate by ethnicity (5 indicators)
  • People aged over 65 with not good health
  • People travelling more than 10km to work by public transport and by driving (2 indicators)

Click here to download a list of all updated Census indicators.


We have updated Children Providing Unpaid Care in the Community Insight reports (see Vulnerable Groups: page 23). You will need to update your reports in order to see Census 2021 data here.