Greenspaces data in Community Insight

New greenspace datasets

Data on greenspaces has now been added to our Community Insight tool!

Where is the data from?

The data has been taken from Ordnance Survey’s Open Greenspace data. The data depicts the location and extent of spaces such as parks and sports facilities that are likely to be accessible to the public. 

The full technical specification and product guide are available online for the data heroes among us!

How do I understand the data?

We have taken the raw data and converted it into a format compatible with Community Insight. For more information on how we converted this data check out our blog.

How do I access the data on Community Insight?

There are two greenspaces indicators available on Community Insight:

  • Greenspace coverage, total
    • This show the percentage of an area that is covered by green space.
  • Greenspace coverage, public parks and gardens
    • This shows the percentage of an area that is covered by public parks and gardens.


Please note: The ‘Greenspace coverage, total’ definition includes allotments or community growing spaces, bowling greens, cemeteries, religious grounds, golf courses, other sports facilities, play spaces, playing fields, public parks or gardens and tennis courts. There are open spaces that aren’t covered under the greenspaces definition (for example, national parks), therefore large portions of the countryside may not be considered in this dataset.


To add these datasets to the map you will need to click on the Group Admin tab and go to the Manage Indicators page. The indicators can then be found in the ‘Unassigned’ theme. Then either create a new theme or drag and drop them into an existing theme. Don’t forget once you have moved them into a theme you need to tick the box to show on the map and/or dashboard.

Current indicators available within Community Insight

To see a list of all of the current indicators available in Community Insight, Scotland and Wales check out this Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions about the new data updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on or give us a call on 01273 810270.