Stock types are here!

Stock types are here: The most-requested feature from users at the user-group session was to allow different types of property type (General Needs, Shared Ownership, Supported Housing and so on), and for users to be able to create their own types.

Really pleased that this feature is now live on Community Insight. You can now define your own stock types, enabling you to categorise your properties. This lets you tailor your Community Insight account to match the way your organisation understands your properties.

Each stock type is displayed on the map using a different colour icon, and you can toggle each type to show, or hide, on the Community Insight map.

We know you’ll all have lots of burning questions about the new feature, so we have put together ‘frequently answered questions’ [pdf] about the stock types which will help you to get started.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback on the stock types feature. We are eager to hear back about user experiences with the latest addition to Community Insight.

Minor tweaks and tidies: And as always we have been busy ‘behind the scenes’ making sure Community Insight always runs as smoothly as possible.

And as always, check back regularly to see what’s new, and do get in touch with any comments, feedback or questions.